Woman seeks compensation over head injuries

A woman has contacted personal injury solicitors in a bid to secure compensation over head injuries she suffered in an accident in 2008. Natasha Flockhart’s personal injury claim relates to an incident in which she fell out of a moving minibus, striking her head on the road, the South Wales Evening Post reports.

She alleges that she was thrown through the open doors of the vehicle as she reached out to accept a bottle of Lucozade from the driver. As she moved forward to get the drink, the bus went over a speed bump, causing it to jolt.

Ms Flockhart, who is now 21, was left in a coma in hospital and had to undergo surgery after suffering a blood clot in her brain. She alleges that she now suffers from post-traumatic migraine headaches.

Her personal injury claim suggests that the driver was “vicariously liable” for her injuries due to negligence.

In the writ, her personal injury solicitors state: “She was sitting behind him. As he drove along Broughton Avenue, Blaenymaes, he offered her a bottle of Lucozade. As she stood to accept it from him, he drove over a speed bump. The minibus jolted and she lost her balance and fell out of the open doors of the minibus, landing on the main road and injuring herself.”

She is seeking £300,000 for her suffering. She also suggests that she is at a significantly increased risk of developing epilepsy because of the accident and her injuries mean she has been unable to pursue her career. Meanwhile, if she does go on to develop epilepsy, she is seeking an order to allow her to claim more damages.

Meanwhile, William Brigg, a director at the bus firm Briggs Coaches Ltd, was approached for comment but he declined after consulting with his solicitor.

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