Whether you are buying your first wheelchair or replacing one, it is worth taking a look at the option of a powered chair. Manual wheelchairs are very good, but they can be quite limiting. The fact that they have to be pushed or self-propelled means that they can be exhausting to use. This, to some extent, limits how active a life the person in the chair can lead. How much a person can do will be limited by their energy level, or that of the person who pushes them.

Initially powered wheelchairs were designed for those people who did not have the use of their arms. Naturally, these chairs made a huge difference to the lives of people with this level of disability. They gave them at least some mobility and independence of movement. Today, many people who can move their arms, benefit from using electric wheelchairs too.

The Price of Powered Wheelchairs Has Fallen

However, initially, electric chairs were very expensive. This meant that many people who would have benefited from using an electric wheelchair could not afford to own one. This meant that many ended up settling for a manual wheelchair, which only provided partially for their needs. Today, those same people could find that they can actually afford a powered wheelchair.

The price of electric wheelchairs has fallen drastically. The fact that demand has risen has helped. Modern production techniques and new materials have also contributed to the price of powered wheelchairs falling.

Buying a Powered Wheelchair

Today, you will find powered wheelchairs widely available. There is a lot of choice, so you need to do some research before buying. Just as you would when buying any other wheelchair, you need to consider whether the chair will offer you enough support and be sufficiently comfortable to use all day.

In addition, you need to think about battery life. How long will it last, how far can you travel in the wheelchair? You also need to check how long it will take to charge your chair. An electric wheelchair will also need servicing, which means you need to find out if you can get it serviced locally. You do not want to spend too long without your wheelchair. It is important to buy powered wheelchairs from reputable dealers who offer a proper warranty.

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