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What Type Of Office Space Is Best For Your Needs?

In the modern business and economic climate it is becoming more commonplace to see managed offices and serviced offices being provided to businesses around the country. The two provide a range of great benefits for the modern business but, contrary to some peoples’ belief, the two are not exactly the same. If you throw virtual offices into the mix too, the whole office rental thing can become a major headache for the business owner.


Traditionally, a managed office is one small section of a larger office building or complex. Generally, you will find that a company has purchased or leased a large area but does not, at the current time, require all of that space. They may, therefore, sublet a smaller portion of their space to smaller businesses. This means that you can enjoy the benefits of office space but without having to pay for a whole floor.


However, there are limitations to managed offices too. You won’t usually find that absolutely everything is included in your rental costs. You should find that utilities and, obviously, your rental is included. You may even find that some of your office equipment is included but you will be lucky to find a managed office that offers unrestricted access to server and infrastructure rooms, boardrooms and meeting rooms, or that offers reception and other services.


If you require these types of features then you should be looking into serviced offices instead. These are usually found in buildings and units that have been set up and designed especially for that very purpose. You will usually find that absolutely everything is included in the price. You not only enjoy the benefits of looking like a larger organisation but you also enjoy additional features such as telephone answering, message taking, and full reception services.


You will enjoy many benefits when you opt for serviced offices. The costs are completely transparent and you will be charged a single flat fee every month so you can budget and forecast with absolute accuracy and assurance that you are getting the figures just right. Choose the type of office you require according to your specific business needs.

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