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What to Feed Your Kitten

Every single animal will have their own unique diet needs. For example, dogs will eat almost anything due to the fact that they have very few taste buds and, therefore, almost any food becomes palatable to them. They think with their noses and are unlikely to even be able to taste sugar since it is not a traditional part of their diet.

Feeding cats the wrong food is therefore going to be as damaging as feeding yourself the wrong food, and by offering cheap, unfocussed food, you are effectively doing the same as giving a child junk food all day every day.

Diet can affect everything from mood to physical health and obesity in animals is not just down to high fat content in food or overeating. Whilst this may indeed play a part, if they do not have the focussed nutrition to give them the right energy, then they will simply laze around all day and not go out and get the exercise they need to stay healthy.

Feeding your kitten doesn’t have to be a hard job either. If you want them to be healthy and to undergo the most healthy kitten growth to make sure they become strong and healthy adult cats, then you simply need to feed them good quality kitten food at the right time. Whilst it may seem like our animals can eat anything and do indeed do this when they are in the wild, by allowing them to eat junk or even raw meat, you are putting their health at risk.

Whilst it may seem as though raw meat is a constituent of an animal’s natural diet, the stomachs of any household pet will have evolved in a different way to wild animals and the bacteria present in raw meat can be extremely dangerous to a pet.

Ultimately, simply offering them a good quality food in the right quantity is all it takes to keep your kitty healthy.

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