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What are your floor heating options

Why would anybody want to walk around their home and feel cold? This is the question that an increasing number of American homeowners appear to be asking, as they consider ways of heating their abodes in ways that are efficient, cost-effective and durable. Certainly, one of the key areas of any home to keep heated is its floors, and by enlisting a suitable supplier and installer of electric floor heating, a US homeowner will be able to address those inadequately or inconsistently heated floors.

Indeed, the floor heating provider that is best suited to your particular requirements is likely to have considered and developed systems for a wide range of different types of floors. These include the tile and stone floors that are common in the bathroom or kitchen, and which are often otherwise chilling to touch. They also, however, include cork, laminated and engineered wood floors, in addition to concrete floors, for which heating systems are available that can be easily embedded in thin-set cement, all without having to raise the level of the floor. You can also find electric floor heating solutions for carpet, not to mention bamboo and hardwood floors.

Once you have found a good supplier, it is likely that you will have a choice of various flooring systems, depending on your exact requirements and circumstances. You may have a floor that is small and irregular shaped, for example, in which case there are likely to be suitable loose wire systems. Alternatively, you may wish to invest in a mat or foil floor heating system, or even a technologically advanced carbon system – the latter ensuring a distribution of radiant heat that is even and safe.

Add in slab heating systems and insulation boards to this list, and you can see that there are many solutions out there as there are needs, for the heating of your floor.

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