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What are Electronic Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes are becoming very popular in the UK today. An electronic cigarette is basically a mechanical device which is able to simulate the smoking experience without producing smoke or containing nasty chemicals such as tobacco and tar.

Since the UK introduces the smoking ban, more smokers have switched over to the devices as they are perfectly legal to use in public places and this makes them a much more convenient choice for smokers on the go.

How it Works

Electronic cigarettes look very similar to real cigarettes, however, they could not be more different. An electronic cigarette consists of a cigarette shaped device, which contains a rechargeable battery and a cartridge.

It works when air flows through the cylinder. This, in turn, ignites the processor and releases a nicotine vapour which the smoker can then inhale to get the hit that they seek when smoking. Most electronic cigarettes even emit a vapour which looks like smoke, but is, in fact, nothing but water, and many models also feature a glowing tip, so you really do get the whole smoking effect when using them.


There are clearly lots of benefits which come from using electronic cigarettes, as opposed to real ones. The main one being that they contain no tobacco, so you are not going to damage your lungs and risk cancer by using them and this alone should be enough for you to make the switch.

Electronic cigarettes also produce no second hand smoke, which makes them much more sociable and they do not smell bad like normal cigarettes, which make clothes and the environment smell awful.

On top of this is the fact that electronic cigarettes can be used in pubs and clubs, so smokers no longer need to brave the cold and rain in order to smoke, makes them an excellent alternative which should really be embraced by smokers who are not quite ready to quit.


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