The Problem with Digital Photos

We have all been guilty of it. Since we are able to take almost unlimited photos on a phone or digital camera and being able to keep them all easily in one place, and even upload them instantly, we tend to take photos for granted. As such, where once we might only have taken pictures that would truly have been memories we wished to keep, we will now happily take pictures of everything from our breakfast to belly button fluff.

As such, we rarely go back to look through old photos, knowing that it will take a huge amount of time to sort the wheat from the chaff. On top of this, those thousands of pictures taken on your last holiday are far more susceptible to being lost than you might realise.

Technical failure can lead to the instant loss of the few rare pictures that you really wished to keep forever. And with few people ever bothering to get prints of their photos, such a loss will usually be permanent.

One answer to this issue is to look at photo books. By going through all your pictures and choosing your favourites, it will be easy to get online photo books printed to chronicle any specific events or even simply your favourite moments from over the years. In turn, you will have a physical back up in case your digital files become corrupted or damaged and you will also find that you simply look through photo books far more often than you would view pictures on a hard drive somewhere.

There are innate problems with digital photography, from storage to the actual quality and feel of the photos, but simply taking the time to choose your favourite snaps and getting online photo books printed to keep them all together should be all it takes to overcome them.

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