The catering industry is a fast moving one. When busy catering firms will work at a frenetic pace. Therefore, the people that they employ must be capable of working in a busy, sometimes chaotic, environment. Most people can carry a tray and take an order for drinks however not everybody can cope with working in such a stressful and fast moving environment. For this reason, most caterers like to employ people who have previous experience of working within the industry to ensure they already know what the stresses and strains are likely to be. Doing so ensures that the person knows what they are getting into and means that they are more likely to stay on and show up when most needed. Someone without much previous experience will realise quickly how hard the work is and will almost certainly leave.

In the past, catering companies had little choice but to advertise their roles in newspapers and job centres. Today, they can easily post their jobs online. Using the internet enables them to reach a far bigger pool of potential candidates. Naturally, this increases the chances of finding the right people for the job. Being able to have the space to correctly advertise a job without having to pay extra because the size of the ad is slightly bigger is a real advantage.

However, it is still important to advertise in the right places. General job and classified websites are not really the best place for online catering recruitment. These websites tend to be searched by people looking for general work. Therefore, many of candidates who apply from these sources will turn out not to be suitable.

A far better approach is to post jobs with a job agency that specialises in recruiting for the catering industry. The people who visit these websites are far more likely to have worked in the industry before, and therefore have relevant experience. The fees charged by specialist agencies are no higher than those charged by general job websites.

It is important to post your jobs on websites that rank well in the search engines. The reason for this is that most people do not look beyond the first page of the search results. If you post your job on a website that is on page two or three of the search results your job advert is far less likely to be seen, which can slow down the recruitment process.

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