The Infestation of Mobile Phones

There is something lurking in every single household, multiplying, taking over the home without people even noticing. This plague is happening everywhere, and almost no home will be safe from it. This infestation is one of used mobile phones.

There are nearly twice as any phones in circulation in this country at the moment as there are people. This means that even newborn babies allegedly have around two mobile phones. And since very few of these are getting contracts and surfing the net, this means that the majority of people have more than two phones, with many old ones languishing at the bottom of drawers or under beds.

This may not seem like anything major, but with the amount of valuable material in each and every phone, many natural resources are going to waste. The biggest problem is that many people think ‘there’s nothing in it for me to sell my mobile.’ However, this couldn’t be further from the truth and deciding to ‘sell my mobile,’ no matter how old it happens to be, could well get you far more than you expect.

The reasons for this are numerous. First of all, there is the fact that so many mobiles have many precious materials, from gold and platinum to silver and copper, lining their insides. These can be mined when you recycle mobile handsets, meaning that the actual contents of the phone could be worth a great deal more than its resale value.

When you recycle mobile handsets, certain companies may also use the phones to help those in need, whether in this country or in developing countries. Therefore, they are willing to pay good money to get equipment that will help those in need.

Ultimately, the fact they are clogging up your drawers and being of no use is not the biggest issue with the infestation of old mobiles – what is more important is just how much they could be utilised, and how much you could get for them in the process.

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