The Importance of Workplace Safety Signs

Many people think that safety signs are an annoyance. They consider them to only be stating the obvious, but they are actually a very important addition to any workspace if the safety of all staff and visitors is to be protected.

It is true that staff who been working in a building for a long time will know all of the safety procedures and dangerous areas in that workspace, but having the signs up can serve as a reminder for them to tread carefully. Safety signs are also there for the benefit of visitors and new staff members who may not be up to speed with health and safety policies in the building. Furthermore, there are always going to be times when new and temporary hazards crop up in a workspace and it is vital that these are warned of so that accidents can be avoided.


In the UK, companies have a legal obligation to ensure that their workplaces are safe for their staff and this includes the posting of safety signs in any location where there is a potential for accidents to happen. Companies who do not have any safety signage could find themselves on the wrong side of the law and paying out a huge compensation claim.

Compensation Claims

Like America, Britain is turning into somewhat of a compensation culture at the moment, no doubt as a result of the increase in no win no fee compensation lawyers. This means that company owners must be even more vigilant to ensure that their workplace is adequately safe, and that all of the needed safety signs have been put up. If they do not, they could easily be sued for large sums should a member of staff, or visitors to a workplace have an accident which could have been prevented either by the use of safety signs, or other safety measures.

Companies should, therefore, take some time to identify any possible hazards in their workplace and purchase the relevant signs to ensure that their workforce is safe and they are covered should any accidents happen.

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