If you have a mucus cough, knowing how to treat it can save you a great deal of suffering. It also reduces the risk of spreading the infection you are suffering to others. Coughs spread infections nearly as much as sneezes do, so treating your cough quickly and effectively is important.

Most of the time a mucus cough is simply a cough, however, sometimes it is a symptom of a more serious problem. This is one reason treating a mucus cough as soon as possible is important. If the cough does not clear up quickly it can be a sign of a more serious disease. You should visit a doctor to have a proper check up, serious diseases such as cancer or asthma sometimes cause mucus coughs.

Identify the Problem

To treat a mucus cough effectively you need to first identify which type of cough you are dealing with. The treatment for each is different. Using the wrong medicine will only result in your suffering for longer, and potentially spreading the infection to more people.

A mucus cough in the early stages will generate clear mucus. As an infection progresses the mucus will become thicker and change colour. It will normally end up turning green, but sometimes yellow and brown mucus is generated. A good chemist will be able to give you the appropriate over the medicine to treat your cough. To do so they may want to know more about your cough.

Do not put off Seeing a Doctor

If you are at all worried about your cough, see your doctor. Should you believe that your cough is just down to a cold or small infection, treat it with over the counter medications. If your cough does not start to improve after a couple of weeks make an appointment to see your doctor.

If at any point, your chest starts to feel tight or you feel short of breath see your doctor immediately. Do the same if you see blood in your mucus, do not wait, make an appointment with your GP. Remember only fresh blood is red, old blood is very dark, nearly black, so keep an eye out for both kinds.



Visit the Mucus Management website to find everything you need to know about mucus coughs and the diseases that can cause excess mucus.