The effects of personal injury can be more than just physical

If you’ve suffered a slip, fall, whiplash, or any other kind of personal injury, then the effects can range from a mere nuisance to completely life-changing. You, of course, have the immediate effects of the injury, whatever they may be, but there are also a number of other issues that could arise from suffering a personal injury.

Having to take time off work because of an injury could put a strain on you and your family financially. Most companies will offer full pay for a limited period but you will likely be reduced to statutory pay, sometimes after as little as a week away from work. With bills, mortgages and a range of other expenses to cover, not having your usual income stream coming in could prove to be very difficult indeed.

This could subsequently lead to other issues. You could find yourself in debt and there could be pressures on your family life, which could lead to further physical and mental issues. These are unfortunate consequences of having a personal injury, but they are ones that are very possible.

In order to help ease the financial burden of being away from work, a personal injury solicitor can help you claim the compensation you’re entitled to. By speaking to a solicitor, you can make an accident at work claim, whiplash claim or any other type of claim, and as many offer no win no fee claims, you could potentially receive 100% of the compensation without having to pay out any costs whatsoever.

Should you be successful in your claim, you could feel much more comfortable during your rehabilitation before hopefully returning to work in the future. Depending on how much you receive, it could go towards helping with household bills, physiotherapy costs, or pretty much anything else you may struggle to pay otherwise.

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