The Biggest Nights of the Year for Fireworks

Fireworks are used to celebrate all kinds of different occasions, and can make any party really special however there are certain nights of the year that just wouldn’t be the same without the sky being lit up by rockets and other beautiful, impressive fireworks. Here we take a look at the biggest nights for fireworks in the USA.

The Fourth of July

Independence Day is a very popular time to include fireworks in your festivities. Because July is usually warm just about all over the country, it is a good time to be outdoors where you can really appreciate the effects of the fireworks in the night sky, though of course, you do have to wait until late for it to get dark enough to get the very best effect from the firework displays. Although all sorts of colours do get used in Fourth of July firework displays, red, white and blue are of course the favourites.

New Year’s Eve

In the Western world, the 31st of December marks the end of the year and is a time that is celebrated almost everywhere with fireworks, typically at midnight as the old year turns into the new. While this time of year can be extremely cold, especially in places like New York, people still love to take to the streets for the New Year’s Eve celebrations and to watch the night sky come alive with celebratory fireworks. This is a very big part of the holiday season, and one which a lot of people especially look forward to after Christmas.

Cultural Holidays

Because the USA is such an ethnically diverse country, there are plenty of other times of year when fireworks can be seen as part of the annual celebrations of other cultures. Chinese communities use fireworks to mark all of their major holidays, especially Chinese New Year which falls in January or February. Mexican communities sometimes light fireworks to celebrate days like Cinco de Mayo which are special to them and of course the British celebrate Guy Fawkes Night. Sometimes whole communities adopt the celebrations of cultures like these, allowing everybody to enjoy the parties, and of course the fireworks, that come with them.


are a great way to celebrate any occasion and really are a sight to behold.