When you walk into any property, nothing says quality quite like solid wood flooring. With its timeless appeal and the impression it instantly provides of a warm and welcoming, open space, wooden flooring has a very wide appeal, yet unfortunately many put off buying it themselves because they believe it to be an unjustifiable luxury. However, there are many advantages to a solid wood floor and these can far outweigh the initial cost of its installation, both financially and aesthetically. What is more, if you do your research, you will find there are plenty of wood flooring options to suit every budget.

One of the main benefits of a good quality wooden floor is that it will last for decades, if not centuries. Carpet and linonium need replacing every five years or so in order to look good but a wood floor only gets better with time. If marks or scratches do appear on a the floor, all that is required is some sanding and refinishing; much simpler and cheaper than replacing the entire surface, as would be required with the other flooring options.

Wooden flooring is also easier to clean and more hygienic than carpets. Regular brushing is often enough to keep wood floors clean, and carpet disasters such as mud are simply not a problem. And, with a wood floor as opposed to a carpet, problems related to dust mites or fleas are virtually removed.

Finally, wooden flooring looks great in any property. Its authentic look makes it perfect for period properties but a solid wood floor is timeless and can therefore also compliment a beautifully modern and simplistic home.

Wherever it is installed, a solid wood floor will add an unmatchable touch of elegance and class. And with modern production methods making it possible to manufacture solid wooden flooring at a much lower cost, there are options available for everyone.

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