Tenga eggs by Allure Outlet allow couples and sole males to enhance their levels of sexual satisfaction. The Tenga brand is seen as one of the leading brands when it comes to sex toys, with their eggs being a noted source of intense male pleasure. Each of the eggs on offer comes with a different range of features, which a unique texture being provided by each product. They can be used when a man is alone or with his partner, dramatically enhancing the sensations offered by male masturbation. It’s possible to get hold of each egg individually or to invest in the whole set.

Six Eggs to Choose From

The Stepper is one of the most popular eggs in the range and is noted for the pronounced sensations that it brings, whilst the Egg Wavy is constructed to offer a particularly tight sensation. Meanwhile, the Egg Silky is known for the intensity that it provides despite the exceptionally small ridges that are built into it. This egg is acclaimed for the way that it can convincingly mimic oral sex, as is the Twister, which is notable for the somewhat swirly sensations that it provides when the egg is twisted. The Clicker meanwhile has been praised for its ability to provide users with a wide series of thrills, due to the various types of nodules that are featured with it. Meanwhile, the Spider is named due to its visual similarities to the creature itself, with a webbed texture that provides exceptional stimulation. It’s said that the best results can be achieved whilst simultaneously twisting the Spider whilst stroking. Many couples have spiced up their intimate lives by investing in toys such as Tenga Eggs by Allure Outlet.

Heightened Satisfaction

More and more couple are investing in sex toys these days, and they are no longer seen as the taboo that they once arguably were. This means that the sex toy market is buoyant, with various tools and toys on offer that can allow couples to offer enhanced pleasure to one another – with many toys being fantastic for solo use too. There is a wealth of sex toys available that can cater for an immense number of needs.

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