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Temporary fencing solutions

Staging an event like a concert or festival needs proper security, albeit temporarily. The same goes for building sites. The perimeters need to be secured for the duration of the event or work, to keep unwanted people out and to protect the valuable equipment that is stored on site.

Security on a business park or an industrial estate is easy by comparison. Permanent fencing can be installed and that’s it, job done. With any temporary solution the fencing needs to be strong and secure enough to do its job, but it also needs to pack away quickly. It’s quite a balancing act.

Site managers and event organisers need to keep the details of a good fencing contractor to hand. There are solutions out there. It’s possible to source security fencing that can quickly be assembled and disassembled, without comprising on its effectiveness.

Wire fencing like this is essential. There will always be people who try to get into a festival without paying or opportunistic thieves who will try to take what they want from building sites. Not securing the perimeter adequately is asking for trouble.

It’s best to speak to an experienced manufacturer. Siddall & Hilton Products Ltd are experts in the manufacture of fencing panels, security fencing, industrial mesh and many other wire products. They can supply wire fencing that will keep people out and that can quickly be removed and packed away as required.

This type of solution is suitable for a whole range of events and sites. With the site secured organisers and managers can move on to the hundred and one other things they have to worry about. It’s one less thing to take care of. To find out more just call them up to speak to one of their team. They are only too happy to help.

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