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Stand Out From the Crowd with a Nissan Juke Acenta

The Nissan Juke is one car which you would certainly notice in a crowd. With its many busy curves and accents, it is a car which it is absolutely impossible not to notice. This makes it the perfect choice of vehicle for anyone who wants to drive a vehicle which gets them noticed. All you have to do is drive the Nissan Juke for a day and you will see just how many comments you receive – the car really is a conversation starter.

Not only is the Nissan Juke a stylish and unusual car, but it is also a practical, life enhancing car with a spacious and elegant interior. The Juke was designed as a family car and as such, space and innovation were a top priority for the designers – something which they have certainly achieved with all three models of the Juke.


The Nissan Juke comes in three trim levels which are the Visia, the Nissan Juke Acenta and the Tenka. No matter which tri level you choose, you can expect an elegant car which has many gadgets and gizmos which are as standard ad, of course, you will benefit from the sleek design and smooth running of the Nissan Juke.

The Nissan Juke Acenta

Perhaps the best choice of Nissan Juke is the Nissan Juke Acenta. This is a 1.6 manual which packs a lot of power and is slightly more luxurious than the basic Visia model. The Nissan juke Acenta is a car which offers a smooth ride in a range of conditions.

It features some of the more luxurious elements of the more expensive Tenka, whilst remaining an affordable family car. Some of the features which make the Nissan Juke Acenta special include the multi-mode display, Mp3 and mobile Bluetooth compatibility and leather trim.

The Nissan Juke Acenta also has lots of room for the whole family and, a large boot space which is great for the big family shop or the holiday luggage.

Essentially, the Nissan Juke Acenta is the perfect vehicle for a couple or family, who want to stand out from the crowd, drive in comfort and show off their style.


West Way Nissan Juke Crossover is a specialist Nissan Juke website. Visit them to find out more about the Nissan Juke Acenta.