So You Need to Buy Clothing Labels

Most people who do not have kids never consider buying clothing labels. They have no need to label up clothes with a name. In fact, most people probably thought that modern schools no longer required parents to do this. However, they are wrong, because many schools do still ask their parents to label up their children’s clothes and belongings.

Why Clothing Labels Are Still Used

The practice of labelling possessions that were taken to school was not something that came about in the first instance because schools required it. In most cases it evolved naturally, as kids and parents realised that naming up clothes was a practical way of ensuring expensive items were not lost at school.

Because school uniforms all look the same and most kids in a class are of a similar size it is easy for Jack to put on David’s jumper by mistake. As a result, kids and parents got into the habit of labelling up clothes to prevent this from happening. In time, schools saw the wisdom of this and actually ended up asking parents to do so.

As well as making it more difficult for possessions to go missing when all students label up their clothes it cuts down on disputes. There never a dispute about which jacket belongs to who, the label settles the argument immediately.

Buying Clothing Labels

If you are going to use clothing labels in your child’s clothes it makes sense to buy good quality labels. Cheap labels are a false economy because they simply fade after two or three washes or fall out. The best labels to buy are the iron in ones. Labelling up your child’s school uniform will only take you 10 mins or so.

By far the easiest place to buy clothing labels from is the web. There are some very good companies who sell personalised labels which are good quality. Ordering from these companies takes only two or three minutes and lead times can be as short as three of four days. Having these labels delivered to your door rather than buying them on the High Street is far more convenient.



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