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Size 18 Viyella Clothing is a Common Size

Viyella has been making clothes for the mature woman for 200 years now. Their experience with the right kinds of fabrics and fit has made them the industry leader in mature ladies’ fashion. As such, it is no surprise that Viyella stocks the majority of their clothes in a size 18. Clothes sizes are becoming bigger in recent years with the average British woman’s size being a size 16. As such, Viyella represents the trends in terms of what fashion retailers are offering online and on the high street.

The Range of Size 18 Products Available Including a Kimono

All types of products can be found in a size 18, just by inputting your size into the search box and press return you will find a collection of clothes, all in a size of 18. This is a great and useful feature if this is your size and you are looking for clothes just in this size. You may then order the clothes from price highest to lowest; or lowest to highest or order the clothes by how new they are. The hottest trends can be found on the Viyella web site in a size 18. For example, the new Ella Summer collection which features on trend colours and prints features an Ocean Paisley Print Silk dress in 100% silk. In fact, the entire collection including jeans and tops can be found in a size 18. There is even a stylish kimono in that size.

Other Size 18 Items Online

There are other everyday items in a size 18 that are not part of the collections. In fact, Viyella caters for the full range of the wardrobe of a size 18 woman. From dresses to jackets to trousers, blouses, skirts and coats, all needs are catered for. There are a few items on the website that do not go up to a size 18, however, such as a navy quilted jacket.

Choosing a Size 18 Online

If you are worried about what size you will be in Viyella try visiting one of their 120 locations nationwide. If this is not possible take a look at their sizing guide. According to this guide the size 18 is considered to be, ‘Large’ and a European size 44, with 43 ½ inch bust, 36 ½ inch waist and a 45 ½ hip measurement.

Viyella has been giving a nod to traditional British heritage styling for its summer collection and boasts great tailoring and classic pieces in a size 18.