Transportation and Logistics


Did you know signposting is vital when it comes to outlining a warehouse? Using signposting is absolutely essential when it comes to having an organised and concisely planned warehouse floor plan. Can you imagine working in a warehouse without the use of signposting? You’d never be able to find anything, and if people and vehicles are working within the same space without dedicated vehicles lanes inside the floor of the warehouse there is great potential for injury without signposting. Imagine having to find something at some obscure end of the warehouse without signposting indicating where the item you are looking for is supposed to be, it would almost be impossible to find where exactly they are. With signposting you effectively make your floor plan easy to read for employees, ensuring they are able to find what they are ordered to find, and that you can easily keep an eye on stock levels within the warehouse. Without signposting it makes identifying stocks far harder than it should be, due to the lack of indication where exactly the items are, meaning stock taking will take a longer amount of time and run the risk of being far less accurate than it would be with signposting indicating where the certain stocks begin and end.

In terms of health and safety signposting is great because you can use it to show vehicle lanes for forklifts and other such heavy load carrying vehicles. With the forklift drivers properly trained and all colleagues given specific instruction to adhere to the rules of the vehicle lanes indicated by the signposting, there should be an absolute minimisation of potential injuries incurred through vehicles. Without signposting and specific vehicle lanes there is great danger to all employees, especially if you are mixing people walking and vehicles in the same space. This is why signposting is vitally important when it comes to warehouse planning. It allows you to keep an eye on stocks by properly categorising them, it keeps workers safe by having specific vehicle lanes for forklifts, and it ensures people can find something in the warehouse if it is required.

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