Safety Tips for Working at Heights

Many different professions, such as construction, smokestack emissions testing, telephone wire repairs and window washing require workers to carry out their job hundreds of feet up in the air.

Perched on high buildings or retractable ladders, these workers must be incredibly vigilant to avoid a dangerous fall. Therefore health and safety at work is imperative to such individuals.

Falls from a height are one of the leading cases of injury in construction and they have caused many fatalities among workers. Any employee who performs their job at a height should complete an official working at heights safety course on the specifics of their particular profession.

Here are some critical health and safety at work tips to remember whenever you are working at height:


Before starting work, always double check that the harness is secure and all equipment is functioning properly.

Inspect the area to ensure that it is free from any slipping or tripping hazards.

It is also very important to keep hold of your equipment, because if your tools fall from a height they could injure someone very seriously.

If possible, set up a system such as a mesh safety net or a guard rail which will prevent injury in the case of a fall.

Another way to make the workplace safer is to add in travel restraint systems or industrial rope access equipment.

Pay attention! Accidents are more likely to happen when workers are distracted or not focused on what they are doing. Stay vigilant while on the job.

Get plenty of rest so that you are not sleep deprived and never come to work when impaired by alcohol or drugs, as these factors can reduce your reaction time and cloud your judgement.

Wear the proper safety equipment, such as rubber soled shoes which have the appropriate traction on their soles.

When you are climbing a ladder, you should have three points of contact at all times on the ladder, such as both hands and one foot or both feet and at least one hand.

Take frequent breaks. If you get stiff or tired when working for a long time at height, your risk of falling or injuring yourself will increase.

Workplace health and safety is very important, especially when you are working at height. Remember these tips and be safe up there!

Employees such as builders who work at great heights should be aware of the danger of falling and take the necessary precautions to ensure their own health and safety at work .