Financial Services

Safe Loans

Safe Loans is a company that specialises in short-term loans. They have been offering this kind of loan far longer than most other providers have. They set up business in 1989 and have grown quickly since. The founders spotted a small gap in the market and decided to fill it. This meant that as demand for this form of loan grew they were perfectly placed to meet that demand.

How the Safe Loans Service Works

There are several ways to use their service. Some customers still like to arrange these sorts of loans over the phone. They like to be able to ask questions before taking out a loan and work out if the service on offer is really for them. On their website, it is possible to get any questions answered using their Live Chat facility, but you can ring them as well.

Their website is designed to make it easy to work out how much a loan will cost. They use a simple sliding tool that allows anyone interested in their service to key in the amount they want to borrow and move the slider to increase the number of days they want to borrow that sum of money for. Potential customers can see precisely how much the loan will cost them and calculate if they can afford the loan. It is possible to get loans from Safe Loans by applying online. You can use any device to do so including a smart phone. Regardless of the device, you use to access the service you can be sure that your personal data will be kept secure.

Who Can Use the Safe Loans Service?

Anyone who is in regular employment, a UK resident and aged over 18 can potentially apply for a loan. The loans on offer are not secured against anything, so you do not have to be a homeowner to apply.

The only other criterion is that borrowers have to have an active UK bank account with a debit card attached to it. There are no credit checks, but how much you can borrow the first time you use their service is limited to under £400 because of this.


To find out more about Safe Loans visit our website. We are active members of both the Consumer Credit Association UK and the BCCA.