Popular Holistic Beauty Salon Treatments

Holistic beauty salon treatments are performed around the theory that the body has a vital energy or life source and when that falls out of balance, that is when the body becomes more susceptible to disease. If this appeals to you, you may be pleased to know that there are a variety of holistic beauty salon treatments that can be performed. Some of the more popular are listed below.


Reflexology is an ancient Chinese beauty treatment that involves gently manipulating the pressure points in the feet with the aim of clearing pathways in the body so that energy can once again flow freely. Each pressure point in the foot is said to relate to a part of the body and by manipulating it, the blood is said to flow more freely which encourages the body to heal itself. Unlike many other beauty salon treatments this is a purely natural treatment that aims to balance the body from head to toe.


Reiki is an incredibly popular Japanese beauty salon treatment that is said to be practiced by thousands of people throughout the world. The aim of Reiki is to promote relaxation and stress reduction whilst also encouraging the body to heal itself. True Reiki can only be performed by a Reiki master however when performed correctly the results are astonishing – it is believed to be able to treat almost every illness known to man no matter how severe.


Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years and is believed to have been originally developed in China. This is one of the more popular beauty salon treatments for those who suffer from neck and back pain and even the NHS has started offering this treatment due to the astonishing relief rates that have been recorded. Acupuncture basically involves injecting several needles into specific areas of the body. This is said to clear blocked energy pathways and in turn allow energy to flow freely again. Whether you believe in holistic beauty salon treatments or not, many people have found acupuncture to greatly help relieve the amount of pain that they would otherwise experience.

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