Pick the Perfect Loose Diamond

Diamonds have long remained a precious stone that carries its own unique aura and desirability. The sheer quality and sparkle provides an unbeatable level of aesthetic beauty which carries great value not only in price, but their magical appearance. As the rarest form of stone in existence which is extremely durable, diamonds are most certainly forever.

Their high density and near impossibility to damage or chip, loose cut diamonds are perfect to be set within an item of jewellery. Rings, watches and necklaces are to name but a few examples of products available across all jewellers which contain a singular or multiple numbers of certified diamonds. Although loose diamonds have undoubted quality and value as a stand-alone item, being incorporated onto an item of jewellery is perfect for wedding rings or anniversary gifts.

As with any item of jewellery, it is important to consider the number of options available. This is to ensure that individuals view a selection of items which may provide different settings, cuts and sizes of certified diamonds to make a choice that matches their personal tastes and desires.

There are several things to consider when choosing a diamond to purchase. Diamond is a naturally occurring carbon substance, which is one of the hardest materials on the planet. They are mostly found in their white form- that appears clear to the eye- but there are coloured variations available. The weight is denoted in carats, whereby the heavy the gem the more points it will have. Equally, as larger diamonds are rarer the more carat points the more expensive the stone.

All diamonds contain flaws, known as inclusions, to a greater or lesser extent, due to their formation process. The flaws, or natural inclusions, help to identify individual stones and differentiate between real, naturally occurring diamonds and synthetic replicas. Most inclusions cannot be viewed with the naked eye, but require a strong microscope.

Although round cut diamonds are considered the most popular choice with items of jewellery, there are many other alternatives, which provide their own unique qualities. Due to their vast economic use of rough diamond crystals and versatility within jewellery design, round cut are predominant features within many forms of jewellery. Pear and princess are other popular types of loose cut diamonds which is fitting upon any ring, earring or necklace. The former provides variable width and length ratios to provide flexibility in accordance with personal tastes and requirements, while the latter comes in the shape of a rectangle or square which offer a stand-out feature upon all jewellery items.

Another style of cut is the marquise or navette diamond. This is a curved, boat-shaped formation, developed in France and named after a lady of French high society. It is an interesting alternative to the usual round cut and can have a slimming affect on the wearer’s finger.

For a more personal touch, loose diamonds are also available in a heart shaped cut which is perfect for any special occasion. The added quality within its shape promotes a romantic gesture that is most suitable upon an engagement or wedding ring to show a partner the depth of their love and appreciation for them.

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