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Online Betting Is Still the Best Bet for Next Season

Betting online is still the most popular way to get involved with the teams you love, and the latest research has highlighted that Bet Victor were the top bookies regarding the English Premier League last season. Bet Victor were an incredible 65% better value than the average for bookmakers through the course of the English Premier League season, which emphasises just how generous Bet Victor were last year with their odds. Betting on premier league games at also couldn’t be any easier.

The Teams you Love and the Results you Want

A common bet for many people was betting on Premier League games and this looks set to be the same for another dramatic Premier League season. There’s a lot at stake next season, and many questions that fans are dying to answer: will Portsmouth stay relegated? Will Rotherham take the league two trophy under Steve Evans new management? And which of the Manchester clubs will walk away with the top Premier League title?

There are plenty of surprises in store, that’s for sure. Although you can’t bet on how many times Arsene Wenger blames the referee for another Arsenal defeat, betting on premier league games at offers a variety of markets for its customers.

The Odds Are In Your Favour

There are 380 games in the English Premier League each season and Bet Victor came out on top of three rival bookmakers in the winning outcome.Data has also been amassed that if you placed £10 on each of the winning outcomes for each of the 380 Premier League games that took place last year, you would have earned the most with Bet Victor.Whether you want to bet online or bet via your mobile with the downloadable Bet Victor application, both methods are extremely easy and user friendly.

We all want to keep up with the huge number of matches being played throughout the season, and if you want to make sure you stay ahead of the curve, then betting premier league at seems to be the easiest, most convenient way of guaranteeing the best result.