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One day car insurance – absolute peace of mind

Everyone needs to borrow a car once in a while. Maybe they don’t have one and they need to make an important trip. Maybe they only have a small car that just isn’t up to the rigours of motorway driving and they need a large comfortable cruiser to get them to their destination. Or what about moving day? Why hire a van when someone has one that can be borrowed for the day?

So borrowing a car or van is all well and good, but what about insurance? After all, that vehicle and driver need to be properly covered just in case. Anything can happen on a car journey. Insurance policies guard against those “what if” situations. Heaven forbid should anything happen a one day car insurance policy will take care of the damage.

The big name providers don’t really go in for temp car insurance. They tend to stick to what they know and do best, twelve month cover plans. More specialist cover like this requires the services of a niche provider. One like Day Insure for example.

Day Insure over temp car insurance for those days and moments when people end up driving someone’s else car or just need to get a new car home. It’s fast and flexible cover that fills this gap neatly.

Thanks to one day car insurance there’s no need to take any risks or just hope for the best. If something goes wrong it could be a disaster. It’s a small price to pay for absolute peace of mind.

The team at Day Insure arrange cover quickly. It’s a fast and efficient service. They strive to offer competitive cover that’s affordable and flexible. Their policies make sure everything is taken care of before someone borrows a car or drives a new one home from the dealership.

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