Media Takes Lion Share of IT Workers and Project Managers

Media companies have one of the biggest concentrations of IT workers, including project managers a recent poll for a specialist recruitment found. While demand for IT professionals in the financial (+5%) and public (+3%) sectors have increased for the first time since 2008 and 2010 respectively, media companies seem to have been making even more of a ‘land grab’ for these professionals.

Media companies, whether agency or corporate, had the highest number of IT professionals that were currently working in or had just worked in that area, according to a specialist job recruitment site. This isn’t restricted to project managers as other professionals also work within the media vertical. IT came second and property third.

The IT sector has remained particularly buoyant with jobs such as SAP and project management remaining in high demand. The UK has performed better than most other European countries on one key factor of economic health: employment. Compared to France’s 10 percent unemployment rate, and Spain’s worryingly high 24 percent figure, the UK’s 8 percent unemployment rate is relatively healthy – and the figures fell by 45,000 in the three months to March.

This is good news for many in the IT sector which has bucked the trend and into which more and more people are moving. Project management, while a specialist skill in and of itself, is applicable to other industries but it does take time to get up to speed with how that industry operates. Project managers do have one of the most portable skill sets and will find opportunity within the IT sector.

It’s unclear whether stimulus or austerity is the way forward – and there’ll be a lot more debate on the corrective course of action now that France’s direction has been revised by the appointment of new socialist President Francois Hollande – but IT is one area where the UK is performing very well, especially such areas as SAP jobs and ICT jobs, and if things are to get better quickly then it’ll probably be the digital economy that pulls the UK out of prolonged stagnation.

With almost 10% of respondents to a specialist IT recruitment site indicating that they were project managers, almost as many as IT support/call desk, we can see that this is a significantly in demand skill. Despite economic downturn, despite recession in other sectors, IT remains buoyant. Whether you are a project manager in construction, architecture or any other sector, consider switching to a career in IT and you may find yourself as the project manager for a media company in their IT department, according to the statistics from one company.

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