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Med-Vet Pharmaceuticals (MVP) Offers All-in-One Supplement with Exceed 6-Way

Let’s face it. Horses need all the nutritional support they can get, especially if they’re performance horses. It’s easy to get lost wandering the aisles of the feed store, trying to figure out how many of those pails of supplements will do the trick, struggling to make sense of it all.


Here’s the simplest and most effective solution when it comes to horse supplements: Exceed 6-Way. The phrase “6-Way” says it all — MVP’s Exceed 6-Way has a complete equine supplement package in one product. This “new generation” product is the most comprehensive equine supplement available to performance horses — or any horse, for that matter.


Take it from world champion Martha Josey, whose barrel horse career shines like no other. “Exceed 6-Way keeps my barrel horse athletes in top form. This horse supplement simplifies my busy schedule and gives me more time to win.”


Exceed 6-Way provides high levels of key ingredients for multi-level support. This all-in-one product provides:
• Joint support
• Gastrointestinal support
• Biotin for hoof support
• Healthy hair coat
• Blood/vascular support
• Healthy digestion

Each of these categories has a powerful affect on the total health of the horse. Exceed 6-Way keeps each system of the horse working together in a state of optimum health. With Exceed 6-Way, there’s no guesswork in determining how much of one product will interact with another. And there’s no piling up of multiple buckets and measuring devices, hoping that you remembered them all in the feed bucket.


Exceed 6-Way concentrates on the six most important aspects of the horse’s overall health.

Joint support is critical, especially in performance horses. Avoiding lamenesses is essential, and Exceed 6-Way has the correct formula for total joint support.


Equine ulcers is a huge topic and has become an alarmingly common ailment. Prevention is the best and most economical measure, and Exceed 6-Way provides essential gastrointestinal support nutrients.


“No hoof, no horse” is no laughing matter. The biotin in Exceed 6-Way equine supplement helps build a strong hoof and increased healthy hoof material.


A healthy hair coat reflects the horse’s overall well-being; no amount of topical dressing can achieve that. Exceed 6-Way supplement promotes a glossy hair coat through nutrition.


In any horse, well-nourished blood and proper vascular supply is critical to its performance. The tougher the competition, the more demands on the horse’s blood and vascular supply system. Exceed 6-Way has the essential ingredients to support blood and vascular supply.


Horsemen are aware of how the horse’s digestive process affects the overall health of the horse. Exceed 6-Way helps support the horse’s digestion, thought by many veterinarians to be the basic foundation of the horse’s well-being.


For the overall health of your horse, the answer comes in one package: Exceed 6-Way. Easy and effective! For more information about this all-in-one supplement, where to purchase it, and other Med-Vet Pharmaceuticals products, visit or call 800.366.8986.


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