Making a Whiplash Claim

Anyone who has recently been involved in a car accident and has suffered from neck and back injury pains may not be aware that it can be a long process in securing the right compensation claim.

Whiplash is generally the result of a car accident, in which a person’s body is suddenly jolted forward, resulting in unbearable pain to their neck and back area. Serious harm can be inflicted on the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in such a sensitive area.

In many cases, because whiplash can be difficult to prove in court, victims are misinformed about the seriousness of the injury and its effects in the long term. This can lead to them receiving a smaller amount of compensation than they could be entitled to.

However, the reality is that whiplash claims are just as important as any other car accident claims so victims should strive to receive the maximum of compensation that they deserve.

Some whiplash injuries may begin with a stiffness or soreness of the neck, and there is a chance that this might extend into long-term health problems and discomfort, eventually leading to a victim wearing a support collar and being prescribed high doses of medication to ease the pain.

Whiplash can also have serious detrimental effects to a person’s sleep, work and social relationships, so it is vitally important that a satisfactory compensation claim is reached. The claim takes into account the amount of physical pain and suffering, emotional pain and if there has been a loss any of income.

Victims can make a whiplash claim either against the insurance company or through a personal injury solicitor. If the victim chooses to go down the route of a personal injury solicitor then they can be entitled to a more satisfactory amount of compensation including special damages.

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