Keeping Children Occupied in the Car

If you have ever been on a long car journey with young children, you will know how hard it is to keep them occupied and happy. With slightly older children, it is a little easier. They tend to keep themselves entertained. Most children enjoy playing electronic games. Letting children to play with high tech toys all the time is not necessarily a good idea, however, allowing them to play them for hours on end. Doing so during an occasional car journey does not do any harm.

If you have younger children, keeping them occupied in the car is a bit more difficult. Once a child can talk, you can sing songs, play iSpy and other simple guessing games, but when they are younger, you need something else. Fortunately, there are a few great toys available, which are specifically designed to keep very young children happy in the car.

GALT sell a great one called the Drivetime Monkey. It is so good that it won the Mother and Baby Silver Award for a travel toy priced under £20. It is designed to be attached to the handle of a rearward facing car seat. The toy is a soft velour monkey complete with a mirror, a teether, rattle rings and a range of noise elements. It is engaging enough to keep a small child or baby occupied and happy for quite a while.

Other tactile toys are a good idea, but you have to bear in mind that babies tend to drop them. If there is another adult in the car, apart from the driver, that is not a problem because they can easily pick it up. However, if that is not the case giving children toys that can be dropped in a car will only create problems.

Books and Other Activities

A long car journey is the ideal opportunity to encourage your children to read instead of playing electronic games. Most children will read the latest bestselling children’s book or will be willing to read the book they need to read for school whilst in the car.

Some children enjoy playing travel games with their siblings. There are magnetic travel games available. They are not expensive and can be stored in the car.

To find out more about GALT and the fantastic toys they sell visit their website. They sell good quality toys for a great price.