Join a stamp Auction to buy and sell your stamps

If you enjoy collecting stamps and are making it your pastime to create stamp collections, then you may find that you are finding stamps at car boot sales, on the internet, on EBay or even in collection shops but have you ever heard of stamp auctions?


You may prefer to shop around for your stamps and go to car boot sales or the shops but you may find that looking online at stamp auctions could be very worth your while. Not only may it be quicker than shopping around but can be quite exciting to view all the auctions online and bid on any particular stamp you may need along with finding out all the particular information and history regarding that specific stamp to go towards your collection.


Stamp auctions mainly have up to 5000 stamps to offer so there will be something for everyone whether you are looking for stamps from this country or another or from a particular date, you will be sure to find something you’re looking for at an auction. You will find stamp auctions easy to use as each stamp is under a specific collection or country/issue date and are listed so are easier to find and you can bid with confidence as all stamps come with 100% satisfaction guarantee so if you are not happy with your purchase once sent to you, you can send back and get a full refund. You wouldn’t find this at a car boot or EBay would you?


So how do stamp Auctions work? Well as it’s not a public Auction as such so there isn’t a room full of bidders but instead it’s all done online instead you will place your specific bid either online, company email, telephone or fax. At closing time the auction will work a little like a room sale but will have specific benefits such as priority and limit bidding.


Why not give stamp auctions a try? You may find it not only an easier way to buy your stamps but also a more secure way to add to your collections.


Sandafayre are the leading UK stamp auction website and have hundreds of auctions including stamps from all over the world.