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Introduce Lockable Suggestion Boxes in Your Workplace

It is certainly true that happy workers are more productive and will make any business more successful. Therefore, it is very important that management listen to and take serious the views of the workforce if they are to be as successful as they can possibly be. In order to do so, they will need to get the views of their staff but, some staff are too worried about their jobs to be frank with management when asked directly about their work and the company whom they are working for.

This can be a big problem as it is difficult to improve conditions and office morale, if you do not know what the problems and issues facing staff are. By installing lockable suggestion boxes in the workplace, it is possible to get the really views of the workforce without hesitation and this can really help to improve life in the office.

Suggestion Boxes

Suggestion boxes work much better than directly asking the staff how they feel about issues in the workplace because it allows them to act anonymously. They are able to write down their views unedited and place them in lockable suggestion boxes which they know will only be seen by a few eyes. This allows them to talk much more freely about things which are bothering them than they otherwise would and this, in turn, allows managers to implement changes which will improve morale and, as a result, productivity.


Your lockable suggestion boxes should ideally be placed in areas which see a lot of traffic, but, if possible, they should also be made discreet enough that people do not feel awkward about writing and posting a suggestion into them.

If you are making lockable suggestion boxes available to the public as well as staff, then you will obviously need to place a couple in areas where the public are often found.

Remember to leave plenty of paper and pens around the lockable suggestion boxes too.

Announce its Presence

Let people know the suggestion box is there. Send a memo or make an announcement to staff and perhaps put up a few signs, so that people know they are there and when to find them and sit back and watch the suggestions roll in.



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