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Indoor Skiing

If you want to learn to ski, indoor skiing is a great way of doing it. You stay warm and in the dry whilst you learn and have access to other facilities while you are there. At most, centres if you get tired you can stop and buy yourself a drink of something to eat. The best centres have other entertainment facilities on site and usually have a ski shop too.

Because you are skiing inside you are skiing on real snow. The snow is made using a snow cannon and is laid over a refrigerated floor, which stops the snow from melting. Over the course of the day, the snow compacts and melts a little it is also worn down to some extent by skiers. To keep the slope in good condition the ski centre generates new snow every evening and turns the temperature of the complex down. To keep the ski centre comfortable for users the turn the temperature back up, but it is still cold in there until you warm up from skiing. Therefore, you need to dress appropriately.

Dressing for Indoor Skiing

You can wear ordinary clothes to use the slope. However, you need to wear gloves and of course ski boots and skis or a snowboard. You can hire the boots and skis or snowboards or take your own. It is recommended that you wear waterproof clothing on the slope. A ski suit is ideal. You can take your own or hire an outfit at the best centres. The clothes you wear under it should allow freedom of movement. It makes sense to wear a t-shirt with a light jumper. That way if you warm up you can remove a layer. For your own protection, you should not have any skin showing.

Other Activities Indoor Skiing Centres Offer

The best indoor skiing centres offer other activities. They offer tubing and sledging at the biggest centres, you can even have a go on a luge. They are a great venue for a party and small kids love the special snow parties held at some centres. Airboarding, the latest craze is also great fun.


If you want to experience indoor skiing why not come to the Chill Factore. Our 180m real snow slope is ideal for all kinds of skiers.