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Importing your car? Then you’ll probably need an IVA test

If you’re looking to import a car into the UK there are plenty of rules and regulations you should abide by. You need to make sure that it’s suitable for use on public roads and it’s essential that you register it successfully, and in order to achieve that your car will often have to face an IVA test.

The Individual Vehicle Approval scheme involves a number of checks to ensure that your vehicle is suitable for use in the UK, checking that it’s been designed and built to meet modern environmental and safety standards. On completion of the inspection you’ll be issued with an Individual Approval Certificate, and from there you’ll be able to register your vehicle with the DVLA to ensure that all of your legal obligations have been met.

This test should be carried out on any vehicle that’s being imported from outside the European Union and/or if it’s an older vehicle that’s been previously registered elsewhere, because it’s vital that your vehicle conforms to all necessary UK and European approval standards if you want to be driving safely and legally.

You’ll need to get your individual vehicle approval test underway as soon as possible, because the vehicle can’t be driven or even kept on public roads unless it’s met the necessary standards and has been successfully registered. You should always go to a VOSA-approved testing facility to ensure you’re getting a professional job, but if you want to cut down on hassle then why not combine your car shipping with an IVA test?

My Car Import can not only offer a fantastic car import service but they’re also the only UK importers with an approved testing facility, ensuring you’ll be fully road worthy without delay. So, always remember the importance of getting your car fully IVA checked (and head to the experts to help) and you’ll be on the road before you know it.


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