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Implement proposed working time directive changes correctly

The government, and HR payroll professionals at businesses across the UK, have been left reeling by the forthcoming changes the EU is proposing to the working time directive. If the proposals are passed and take effect, from October 2012 employees will be entitled to take additional time off work if they fall ill whilst on annual holiday entitlement. It is estimated that the proposed changes could cost businesses in excess of £100 million annually.

Business Secretary, Vince Cable, demonstrated that he was not prepared to accept the changes lying down, saying:

“This is an unnecessary burden on businesses. It’s completely unjustified at a time of economic strain.”

Many business owners and their HR payroll personnel already offer their employees the standard minimum of four weeks holiday per year and some offer more. They are naturally concerned that the changes proposed by the EU would encourage employee abuse of the system, with some team members potentially claiming illness during holidays in order to secure more paid time off work than they are legally entitled to.

Suspected feigned sick leave is already a contentious issue in some workplaces, with HR payroll staff spotting patterns of absence in the attendance records of team members. These can be difficult to prove as genuine or not genuine. Many businesses seek the help of outsourced HR payroll specialists to ensure that, when such matters need tackling head on, they are tackled fairly, objectively and in accordance with employment law.

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