How to Find Retail Work

If you are looking for retail work, there is plenty of it about. However, finding work in your area can sometimes turn out to be time-consuming or difficult. Retailers take different approaches to recruitment, so you need to take a varied approach when looking for work.

Look for Work in Different Places

In the past, printing out a batch of CVs and taking them from shop to shop used to be very effective way of finding work. Unfortunately, these days it is less effective. The reason for this is that so many people do exactly that. Many retailers end up with a stack of CVs and not all of them useful or easy to understand.

Some will turn to this pile of CVs and use it to find somebody to fill a role when one becomes available. However, because many of these CVs have been handed in over the course of several weeks some of the people they contact will have already found employment. For this reason some retailers do not use bother to contact people whose CVs they have. They do not see it as an efficient or viable recruiting technique. Instead, the majority prefer to advertise the job. Therefore, you have to find those job adverts and apply.

You will find these retail recruitment adverts posted in several places and it is worth keeping an eye on all of those places. Some shops post the fact they have a vacancy in their shop window, so when shopping always keep an eye out. Others will advertise in local newspapers or in the local job centre.

Don’t Forget the Internet

These days, the vast majority advertise their vacancies online. This is especially the case with major retailers. Virtually all of them use specialist recruitment agencies to help them to find suitable retail candidates.

Therefore, your best chance of finding retail work is to monitor these retail recruitment websites. You can go onto these websites and key in the name of the town you live in and hit enter to be presented with a list of retail opportunities within your area. Alternatively, you can sign up for e-mail alerts. When companies post work in your area you will be sent an e-mail and invited to go to the agency website, find out more and apply.

If you are looking for work visit the retail recruitment website. All of the major retailers use this website to find staff, so you are bound to find work there.