Hosted diallers are usually used by telesales and marketing companies which hold software to hold a vast list of potential and previous customer’s telephone numbers. Using this it enables the call centre to ring many people all at once and once a call is connected, then the live operator can speak by using this software it detects when a call has been connected but also can detect when the call hasn’t been answered but can play a recorded message and the customer can either leave a message or answer a number of options once answering the call.

It is true that some companies use hosted diallers to power telemarketing campaigns but they do have many other uses also. Such software may be used in schools to inform all parents of a sudden school closure. Also a doctors office may find a hosted dialler useful to remind patients when to take their medication. Using the hosted dialler computer and telephone software can make hard work in making telephone calls a little lighter for such businesses.

If you run a call centre or busy office providing many different calls to customers, you should definitely look into the hosted diallers system. Not only will high levels of staff need to make call after call to your customers but instead the hosted dialler system would do this for you and call a block of customers together and what is better still, you will only pay for the call you have actually connected to. This in the long run will save you money as no need for high staff levels and time in making customer calls.

Other fantastic features of the hosted diallers are that it will aim to call customers at a time when they are more than likely to answer and can handle all inbound and outbound calls. Not only this but can manage multiple calls and campaigns at once, can have call back recording and can prioritise calling lists.

As a company, business or call centre you can target specific customers with as many questions as you like through the hosted dialler and by doing this, your business will grow and make profit by receiving answer phone messages and feedback in which the company can follow up if needs be.

Revive Management can help you set up and manage a hosted dialler system that can save you time and money.