HGV Insurance

What is HGV insurance? HGV insurance is insurance for heavy goods vehicles. Like all vehicles, heavy goods vehicles require insurance, hence why HGV insurance exists. With HGV insurance there are a number of differences that mark it as a different product and process compared to car or motorcycle insurance. Due to HGV insurance having a number of stipulations about the actual goods being carried by the vehicle, some HGV insurance providers will specify if they give that level of cover or not, or at least if they offer a joint insurance policy for stock onboard the HGV. HGV insurance works in a very specific way due to the varied value of the goods onboard the vehicle, due to this you might find specific HGV insurance policies if your heavy goods vehicle only transports a certain product for example. General policies for HGV insurance are good in theory but you may find a number of snags in the policy that disallow a payout on a number of technicalities that are hard to avoid, hence why you have to look very closely at the stipulations of the HGV insurance policy in order to get a good coverage that should result in a payout.

When looking for adequate HGV insurance, the first port of call will be consumer groups. Due to the specific and sometimes complicated nature of HGV insurance, you might not find a wealth of solutions and suggestions for HGV insurance providers, but if you do find a couple be sure to list them when you do your research into prices and policies later. The specific nature of HGV insurancecan, as previously mentioned, make it quite hard to get a good idea of who to go to. If you work in an industry that requires HGV insurance, you should have a few people around you who have adequate knowledge in the business to make some recommendations. If not, the internet can be a wealth of information in the case of HGV insurance, so try going to message boards that are build around discussion of heavy goods vehicles or insurance providers. This should give you a good portfolio of HGV insurance providers to research.


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