Funky Cushions By Kico

Cushions are meant to be functional and comfortable and the modern cushion should offer an attractive design that will appeal to buyers, no matter what their tastes.While they were once considered an essential item that would soften hard chairs that were made from uncomfortable materials, the modern cushion is more of a luxury item thanks to the quality and comfort offered by the modern sofa or chair material.


It is possible to buy cushions in many styles and utilising many different designs so that you can buy them to match your furniture, your décor, or your personal preferences in design. With funky cushions by Kico you can choose from a large selection of unique designs or, for even greater uniqueness, you can have a picture, message, or photograph added to the design of a cushion. This can make an ideal gift idea as well as a perfect solution for decorating your own home.


If you’re looking to create a unique gift, whether it is for a birthday, Christmas, anniversary, or any other occasion, you can have your own chosen design printed on a sofa cushion. These cushions are 45cm by 45cm which means that they are often considered to be large cushions and they will provide the kind of comfort that the recipient will really enjoy.


Alternatively, you can select from a great range of designs on the Kico website. There are animal and nature prints, food prints, and those that are perfect for the social network or technology lover. In fact there are hundreds of different designs, including those inspired by Banksy’swork, that you can have printed on to a high quality and great looking sofa cushion.


Kico make a number of other products, as well as sofa cushions, and they can all be personalised with your choice of design or the use of your own personal photo or other design. Such items include lap trays, laptop trays, coasters and place mats, and wall art canvas prints. You can even buy Banksy wallpaper which can be used to create the perfect feature wall that will make a bold statement in any room.


Visit to view the full catalogue of funky cushions by Kico or to upload your own picture and have a uniquely designed sofa cushion printed for you.