Fudge Hair

If you have never heard of Fudge Hair, or tried their products you are really missing out. They make some fantastic hair products and really do have something for every kind of hair.

Fudge Hair Products

Fudge Hair products are designed to feed, protect and repair your hair. However, the majority of their products are styling products. All of their products have interesting, radical names, reflecting the company’s innovative approach to hair styling.

They offer products that can hold practically any style without your hair looking stiff and unnatural. When you are ready to change your style most of their products simply brush out. The few that don’t brush out, quickly wash out.

If you have thin hair you can still achieve the style you are after using their body building products. Most of their products are designed to give your hair hold, but keep it soft to the touch.

However, if you do want a radical, bold look you can have that too. They offer high shine and extreme hold products, so if you want a crazy, wacky looking hairstyle you can achieve that using their products.

Importantly, Fudge work hard to inspire their clients. They provide tips to help people to find new ways to use their products. Their website has great videos to inspire you and show you how to achieve your new look.

Fudge Hair Colouring Products

As well as products designed to look after your hair they sell a wide range of colouring products. On their site you can buy everything, you need including gloves to protect your hands during the colouring process. Once you have coloured your hair you can protect that colour and make it last longer by using their colour lock shampoo and conditioner.

You will find some unusual colouring products that you do not see offered by many of the older hair product brands. For example, Fudge Hair sell a product called Whiter Shade of Pale that lightens yellow tones in previously lightened hair. They offer a range of fantastic vibrant colours with funky names like Cherry Bomb and Blueberry Hill. If you want radically different hair, that looks great, this is the firm to buy from.


To find out more about Fudge Hair and their products visit their website. It is easy to navigate, so it is really easy to find what you need.