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Fruit Trees – A Little Work and a Lifetime’s Enjoyment

Fruit trees require a little work to establish and maintain, but there is no denying the pleasure that they can give for year after year. Stunning blossom in the spring, welcome shade in the summer, verdant foliage and succulent fruit; fruit trees have everything the gardener can wish for.

Choosing the Right Trees

Most fruit trees for sale now come on dwarf rooting stock, which means they are the perfect size for the average garden. In a small garden, trees can be grown along a sunny wall in cordon or espalier form so as not to take up too much space.

Which varieties of trees to plant and the position in which you will plant them needs careful thought as they will continue to grow vigorously wherever you put them and produce fruit for at least twenty years. Peaches need a position in the full sun for the fruit to ripen, whereas lemon trees cope best in partial shade. Cherry, pear, plum and apple trees are reasonably flexible and can survive even in a shady spot.

Many fruit trees for sale these days are self-fertile, which means they will be pollinated without any intervention from the gardener. Other types of tree, however, require a ‘planting partner’ tree of a different variety to ensure both are pollinated. New trees can be planted between November and March, but not when the ground is frozen or water-logged.

Looking After Them

Fruit trees need to be pruned and trained from the first autumn after planting and every autumn thereafter. This encourages vigorous growth and produces the shape of tree that you desire; both aesthetically and to make fruit-picking easier. Autumn is also the time of year to feed some good organic fertiliser to your trees by applying it around the base of each of them.

A whole year’s fruit crop can be ruined by a sudden late spring frost that kills off the blossom. Pear and apple trees can be protected by covering them with horticultural fleece as and when a frost is expected. Lemon trees and other citrus fruits cannot survive outdoors in a British winter. They need to be grown in large pots and brought into the conservatory until at least May.

Pests and Problems

Most of us find fresh, ripe fruit irresistible. Unfortunately, so do a host of insects and other pests. A range of organic sprays and applications are available on the market. These will keep pests in check without destroying more welcome wildlife.


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