Fix Laptop Solihull

There are many reasons why clients need to call laptop repair services. Even those that are relatively comfortable opening up a desktop computer may be less at ease with a similar operation on a laptop. Whether your Windows is freezing, you have a system riddled with viruses and spyware, or you need to try and recover data from a corrupt hard drive, you can find professional services that will complete the work on your behalf.


A slow running PC is usually a sign that you have some other underlying problem; a symptom that is a major problem in itself. Programs can take minutes to respond and, at seemingly random intervals, your computer will freeze for what seems like an eternity. Such occurrences can be deeply frustrating and they can cause lost work and many an angry word to be hurled at your laptop. There are some steps you can take in an attempt to speed your PC up yourself.


Use the defragmentation utility on your computer. This effectively compacts files and system files, while also ensuring that any deleted files have not left traces behind that could be causing conflictions with other software. The process is easy to run, although it may be best left to run overnight especially if you have a hard drive that is packed to near bursting.


If your hard drive is jam packed this in itself could lead to problems. Uninstall any programs you no longer require, attempt to limit the number of programs that open when you start your computer, and generally clean your drive up. Make copies of old files and folders so that you can compress them on your hard drive or remove them altogether.


Use antivirus, antispyware, and registry cleaning software to really clean your computer. Ensure that such software is fully updated with the latest definitions before you begin and then let them perform a full scan. A registry cleaner can prove especially efficient if you have recently cleaned out old files or moved a lot of files around. Unfortunately, though, the cause of a slow running PC may be more difficult to detect and repair than these steps allow.



If you have tried the steps above and your computer is still running slowly then contact PC Doctor and request a quote to fix laptop Solihull. You can enjoy a clean and fast running laptop computer again.