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Fireplace features in stately home squat

Fireplaces feature in many properties around the UK and some of the grandest examples are in stately homes. One abode that falls into this category is Clifton Wood House, which is based in the Clifton area of Bristol.

According to the Daily Mail, the ten-bedroom residence has become “Britain’s grandest squat”. The real estate, which comes with a price tag of £2.25 million, has been taken over by squatters.

Its occupants can work out next to grand fireplaces, with a drawing room featuring a “spacious gym with a step machine”.

Meanwhile, the people currently residing in the building may need to make use of electric fires and so on to generate warmth because the central heating does not work. Particularly at this time of year, this could be difficult to cope with.

But, according to reporter Robert Hardman, there are no complaints from the squatters. He remarked: “There are no grumbles from the residents at Clifton Wood House, a delightful, double bow-fronted grade II-listed mini-stately home perched on the most expensive hill in Bristol.”

Meanwhile, 17-year-old Zen, who is one of 15 individuals living in the building, described himself and his companions as “caretakers”, adding that the group respects the property.

As well as having ten bedrooms, the home has four bathrooms, outhouses and garages, as well as a swimming pool and large garden.

Its owner is reportedly local businessman Petros Birakos, who moved out of the property last autumn, leaving the residence with agents Knight Frank to sell it.

The squatters have reconnected the house to the mains, meaning they can make the most of electric fires if they wish to. Of course, generating a suitable level of warmth in such a large space is much more difficult than it is in more modest abodes.

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