If you have been working in the IT industry for a decade or so, you will have seen a lot of change. Twenty years ago, only large multinationals employed IT professionals. They normally maintained their own in-house teams of multi-disciplined IT professionals. This is because most of the bespoke systems they used were designed, built, implemented and maintained by the in house team. Back then it was easy for IT professionals to find well-paid work that offered a good package of benefits and a job for life.

Today, things are very different. The IT industry has changed drastically, and in so many ways. These days the majority of work on offer is short term and is for contractors and freelancers. This means that IT professionals have little choice but to work for themselves and move from job to job. Modern IT workers have to be flexible and know how to find work.

Go Where the Work Is

Naturally, most IT professionals use the web to find work. They do so simply because this is where the majority of IT jobs are advertised. Firms across the world advertise their vacancies on specialist job boards because they know that is the quickest and simplest way to find workers.

Fortunately, the advantages of specialist IT job boards go both ways. Modern boards are extremely easy to search and it could not be easier to apply for any suitable jobs that you find.

Be Organised

Provided you take an organised and systematic to finding work using these job boards you should never be without a job for long. Many IT workers set up a professional Facebook page and LinkedIn profile, they use these resources to showcase themselves and give prospective employers more information about themselves. That way they can afford to use a concise CV for the actual application.

A separate email account for your job search is a good idea. That way, all correspondence is in one place. In today’s competitive market, it is wise to apply for more than one job at once. With a separate email account, it is far easier to stay organised and not miss anything.

For advice about finding your next contract, visit the specialist IT job board  There you can also search a database of literally thousands of IT jobs and upload your CV to their database.