If you work in construction, the chances are you are struggling to stay in employment. This is not surprising when you consider that, during the first quarter of 2013, the industry recorded its lowest level of production for 15 years. The Office of National Statistics reported that all areas of the construction industry are struggling, but it is the public sector that has shrank the most.

Given that the UK needs more housing, and much of its infrastructure will soon need replacing the construction industry will recover in the long run. The problem is that this will take time.

In the meantime, finding work will continue to be a challenge for everyone involved in the construction industry. This means that you have to be smart about how you search for work and use every avenue that is open to you.

Use More Than One Technique

That means staying in touch with people you have worked with in the past. Doing so gives you the chance to hear about new building sites and projects and that you have someone who can vouch for you should you wish to apply for a job.

If you do not yet belong to a trade body consider joining one. They are a good source of information, and some maintain jobs databases.

Look for Your Next Job Online

However, these techniques will only uncover a very small percentage of the jobs that are available. The vast majority of construction and built environment jobs are now advertised on the web. Specifically on the recruitment websites who specialise in construction jobs.

This means that they should be the first place you go to when you are looking for a job. If you see the chance to upload your CV to the database of one of these recruitment websites, take the chance to do so. If you do this, remember to update your CV on a regular basis to include any new experience or qualifications. This will increase your chances of being contacted. Also, sign up for e-mail notifications, that way you will be notified as new jobs, in your sector, become available.

To find jobs in construction and the built environment at  simply visit the site and begin your search. You will quickly find construction job opportunities in your area.