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Enjoy Betting On Horse Racing At Bet Victor

One of the reasons that horse racing is such a popular gambling event is the number of bets and bet types that are available. You can bet on a horse to win or you can bet each way but you can also get involved in more complex bets. The following are some of the bet types that will enable you to enjoy betting on horse racing at Bet Victor even more.


If you believe a horse is nailed on for the win then you should bet the win. Alternatively, if you believe a long odds horse has a great opportunity of finishing in the places then you can bet each way. Depending on the number of horses in the race, this means that you will receive a portion of the odds if your horse finishes up to second, third, or fourth place. You will also pick up a larger sum of cash if it wins.


An each way bet is, effectively, two bets combined into one. Half of your stake is placed on the horse to win and receives normal win odds. The other half of your stake is bet on the horse finishing in one of the top places. Depending on the number of horses running this could mean second, third, or a fourth place finish still nets you some money. If your horse wins then you will be paid out on both sections of the bet.


A double is one of a range of multiple bet types. You bet on two separate horses in two different races and both of your predictions must be correct. Your winnings from the first event to run are placed on the second event. So, for example, if you place £10 on two horses both at 2/1, your £30 return from the first race would be placed on the second race and you would stand to win a total of £90.


Other multiple bets include the treble which is the same as a double but for three horses. A trixie covers three horses using four bets and you effectively place money on three doubles and one treble. You only need to winners from three to collect some winnings from a trixie.


You can enjoy these and many other types of bet at Simply register an account today and you can enjoy betting on horse racing at Bet Victor .