Drama Schools London

If you are looking for drama schools London has quite a few to offer. A quick glance at the Yellow Pages will turn up literally hundreds and the likelihood of your living more than a 10 min journey away from one is very remote indeed. However, as you would expect what they have to offer varies considerably.

Types of Drama Schools London Has to Offer

Many of the drama schools London has to offer are actually designed to help people who want to become professional actors. In addition, they also offer classes or courses designed to help dancers, singers and other performers. They teach them to improve their stage presence and acts using acting techniques.

Some drama schools concentrate on teaching a specific kind or style of acting. This may mean, for example, teaching people how to act on stage or how to act on a film set. However, the majority of schools try to give actors a taste of working in all settings. This helps to get them to explore themselves and to stretch themselves. It also means that when they get work they will be comfortable working in a variety of environments.

The techniques taught in each school vary. However, more and more schools are teaching Method Acting. This acting technique is gradually becoming more widely used.

Rather than simply act out a feeling and projected by manipulation of the voice, body language and facial expression, using The Method an actor actually experiences the feelings they are portraying. They do so by drawing upon their own life experiences and triggering the genuine feeling they felt at a specific time. This makes for a much more genuine and convincing performance. However, not all drama schools in the capital teach this style of acting.

Find Method Acting Drama Schools London

To find those drama schools in London that teach The Method technique all you need to do is to carry out an online search. However, it is not wise to simply signup with the first school that you come across. You need to check to see if the people running the school have themselves acted and been coached in The Method technique.


Brian Timoney Acting is one of the best drama schools London has to offer. Their method acting boot camp gives people the chance to try before signing up for a course.