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Door Canopies

Door canopies are important for finishing off a porch. The right canopy can add a great deal to the overall look of your home. They also have a practical purpose, which is to keep the rain off you while you unlock your door they also provide shelter for your visitors.

Types of Door Canopies

There are many different kinds of door canopies available. Which is right for you depends on what you need your canopy to do. If all you want is a small roof to provide shelter a simple flat canopy could be what you are looking for. There is no apex on this kind of canopy, so it fits in well with practically any kind of home. Because they are very simple canopies, they tend to be the cheapest kind. However, even though they are very simple to look at there are still quite a few variations style wise, so it pays to take a look at the various kinds available including the Hexham, Wincanton, Warwick and Haydock.

Most door canopies have a roof with an apex. The shape of the roof varies and affects the overall look of your home. It is important to look for a canopy that blends in with the styling of your home.

If you want to you can hire a builder to build you a roof from scratch from wood, felt and tiles. However, this takes a lot of time and costs a lot. Modern pre-cast canopies that are made from GRP are a great alternative. They are far easier to install and maintain.

Where to Buy Door Canopies

The range of door canopies available on the High Street is quite limited; however, some building supply merchants do sell them. If you are lucky, you will live near a chain DIY store that is a superstore they sometimes stock a few door canopies.

By far the best place to find them is to search online. On the web, you will find manufacturers who are willing to sell direct to the public as well as to builders. Buying a canopy in this way is also normally cheaper.


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