Designing Printed Plastic Cards

In order to create good looking and genuinely useful plastic cards, it is possible to use custom designs and add unique design features. You can choose from a variety of card colours before adding your own custom design elements. You can even choose from a selection of card shapes, choose to have holes punched in the cards, and create designs that are printed in full colour on the cards that you choose and create.


The shape and orientation of the card should be the first step towards creating the perfect design. The standard shape is the same as a credit card while larger cards are usually referred to as event cards and smaller ones designed to be held on a keyring are called key fobs. A snap off combo card provides both a standard plastic card and a key fob design to provide convenience or the chance for two people to share cards for a single account.


You can select a choice of colour and then add your own name and contact details or add company branding. In fact, you can create any design you want and have this added to the card which means that you can use plastic cards for any purpose you wish. You may also add punch holes, card slots, or what is called a blind man’s notch.


The cards themselves are robust and resilient because they are made from plastic but they still offer a little flexibility in movement. They are certainly stronger and longer lasting than card, but they are lighter and easier to use than metal. Plastic is the perfect compromise in materials because of its unique blend of good looks, strength, and affordability which mean that the cards can be used for any purpose and won’t cost the earth.


There are many ways to customise the design of a printed plastic card including the addition of signature strips, personal details, and bar codes or magnetic strips. These additional elements of the card can be used to ensure that everybody has their own account card or a card that is personalised to them and their needs and requirements.


Visit for more details on the way in which printed plastic cards can be fully customised to meet your needs. You can order a number of cards so that you enjoy discounted prices too.