Could You Use an Excess Baggage Service?

Most people have never heard of an excess baggage shipping let used the service. However, it is actually a very useful service that many people could benefit from using.

How it Works

If you are travelling abroad, the amount of luggage you can take with you is restricted by weight. In addition, there are often restrictions on the number of pieces of luggage you can carry. In some cases there are also restrictions on the shape and size of each piece of luggage. Because of these restrictions, not all travellers can take everything they need with them when they travel.

An excess baggage service gets around this problem. You book your baggage as normal and follow the airlines restrictions. Any items you cannot fit into your existing luggage allowance can be packed and sent separately using an excess baggage service. When you arrive at your destination, you just need to pick up your extra luggage and continue with your travels as normal.

Most companies will pick your excess baggage up from your home and deliver it to your destination airport. Because the process of sending luggage in this way takes time, you do have to pack and send your excess baggage in advance of travelling.

Some firms offer a full door-to-door service, but this can cost extra. This service is suitable for international travellers, people who are re-locating and expats. It is a service that is especially useful for backpackers they can send the majority of their luggage ahead to their major stopping off points.

Finding a Provider

The internet is a good place to find a provider who covers the country you are travelling from. It is important to look for a well-established and experienced firm that is up front and honest about the speed of their service and the potential for delays because of customs and excise. Although if you use a firm who are willing to act as clearing agents you can considerably reduce the chances of your luggage being delayed by imports and custom clearance.

You have to declare what is in the luggage and it is all subject to security checks. However, you can send most things to your destination using an excess baggage shipping service.



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